What we can do for you:


Offering assistance making sites truly multilingual with WPML or Polylang.


You're at the right address for WooCommerce customisations.

General WP

And we are happy to solve any WordPress related issue you have.

What our clients say:

Victoria Klingenstierna

WEATHERGOODS - Malmö, Sweden

Working with Piet was a great experience and I would definitely recommend you hire Piet and BHI Consulting for any WP and WPML work!


Hete Sambal - Utrecht, The Netherlands

BHI Consulting for Websites provide excellent website care and are always quick to respond to any problems I encounter

John Craig

Wogen Resources Ltd. - London, United Kingdom

A brilliant advancement on our existing site.

Nick Stroeger

Odense, Denmark

Thank you for all your superb work!

Frank Welsch-Lehmann

Welsch-Lehmann Consulting - Kronberg, Germany

Thank you for your great work and even more for your patience with me.

Charles Jahnke

US-China Realty Alliance - Beijing, China

We know that we can trust you with our website work.

Chris Laurent

Mani D. Bädle - Zürich, Switzerland

I would hire Piet any time and I recommend anyone do just the same!

Alice P.

Baliberty - Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Piet was THE solution and he gave me other tips so that today I feel much more confident for the next step!

Pia Lombard

Ipar Hego - London, United Kingdom

I was really happy with the work carried out by Piet to resolve issues we had on our multilingual site.

Pablo Rueda Moltó

Beijing, China

Piet is just the best I know!

Eve Smith Bernstein

OL Sites - New York, USA

BHI works efficient and precise, and their rates are reasonable.

Thinium Vaidyanathan

Linknygroup - Greater NYC area, USA

It was a stroke of good luck that we came to know of Piet Bos of BHI after a futile search for help with WPML elsewhere.

Torkel S Wächter

onthisday80yearsago.com - Stockholm, Sweden

Piet is very responsible and does not promise things he is not certain that he can deliver.

Sean Elkin

Searchlight Interactive - Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

Thank you not only for simply helping me, but helping me in a time of great pressure and duress and fitting me in to your life unscheduled.

Kathy A

Chwilio - Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Many thanks for your hard work and for resolving the issues so professionally

Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Studio Tenenbaum - Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Paris, France

Piet of BHI is definitely an expert in this field

Mark Lennox

OnlyMarketingJobs - London, United Kingdom

If you have the opportunity to secure Piet’s services, I’d grab it with both hands, he’s excellent.

Stella-Désirée Bosch

Sreyka Smile Association - Paris, France

I recommend BHI to anyone who has WPML issues.

Rosemary Papetti

Solauro Industries Inc. - South Lake Tahoe, Colorado, USA

BHI (Piet Bos) was absolutely more than we could have asked for!

Dave Duggan

Sacramento, California, USA

I highly recommend Piet if you need help customizing your WordPress website or blog