BHI Consulting for Websites focuses on all technical aspects of your WordPress website.

We are the place to go to for ad hoc help with multilingual websites (running the WPML or Polylang plugins), WooCommerce customizations, Site Optimisation and various Assessments.

Naturally we also do full Website Projects, for either brand new sites or for redevelopment of existing ones.

We serve a large clientele from all across the world. Please read their testimonials.


For years we have worked under the name Senlin Online. In 2015 we have implemented a re-branding to become SO WP and in 2016 we registered our company name Bohan International Consulting, Lda., operating under the name BHI Consulting for Websites. With that we decided to separate our plugins and Website Care Plan from the activities directly related to working with websites.

Therewith, the Website Care Plan and WordPress Plugins which are largely targeted at end consumers remain with SO WP.

Website Projects and all technical related activities, that are much more targeted at developers and people that choose to DIY, have moved to this new site: BHI Consulting for Websites.

Current Affairs

After years operating from Beijing and Shanghai (China), mid 2016 we have relocated halfway across the world to Faial, the beautiful “blue island” of the Azores, an archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. As we did in China, we continue to serving the world and we are looking forward to working with you.

We are located in timezone UTC-1 and our business address is:
Bohan International Consulting, Lda.
Rua Nova 82, Flamengos
9900-401 Horta, Faial, Açores
EU VAT: PT513975322

If you are looking to join the Website Care Plan or want to download the free WordPress Plugins we developed, then we invite you to hop over to the SO WP website.