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Bohan International Consulting Lda. is located on the beautiful island of Faial, one of the 9 Azores islands which are situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Due to our geographical location we work mostly remotely and our clients come from all over the world.

Please get in touch with us using the form below, we're looking forward to helping you with your online presence.

We like to be clear on how we work, so you will be able to know exactly what you can expect from us and what not.

In most cases we first like to do an Assessment () of the project. This is important as we don't know anything about your site. Read more about the what and why of the Assessment by following the link.

Each Assessment is concluded with a Report in which we include an indication of the time we expect to need to solve your problem(s), if that should be necessary.

When you intend to hire us to solve some problems on your website, please keep in mind that we will need (Administrator) access to the back end of your website and ideally also FTP access. If for whatever reason you are unable to give us access, then it will be very difficult for us to properly help you.

For most ad-hoc work we require payment upfront to commence working. We accept payment via credit card and bank transfer.

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Rua José Fialho 8, Horta, Portugal