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Project type: WPML

Timeline: Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

In December 2017 the client approached us through Clarity to show and ask about an issue with the filter of the WPML Translation Management addon.

After the WPML Assessment that followed the call we could establish it was caused by a plugin conflict and thus quickly resolved. But what followed has kept us busy during two months.

When the site was developed a year orso ago, it was done for a singular language and unfortunately with many hard coded links, absolute links, non-internationalised strings and id-specific styling.

Adding French, Spanish, German and Dutch in the equation and a site relaunch scheduled for February 1, 2018, a lot of work needed to be done to make sure this could in fact happen.

We were hired to fix all issues as well as do part of the translation implementations and that we understand all 5 languages was of course a great additional benefit.

We managed to be ready with one day to spare, so that the site could relaunch in time.