A WPML Assessment to assess what was needed to make the site suitable for two languages turned into a complete rebuild of the site.

Project type: website renewal

Design: bespoke design via client

Backend: WordPress starter theme soblossom

Timeline: 3 weeks, delivery October 2014

This website renewal is a perfect example on how important it is to do it right the first time.

The development of this site had started already a few years back and for some reason seemed to be delayed indefinitely. We were approached to assess what would be needed to make it possible to run the site bilingual English and Mandarin Chinese.

From our Assessment Report it was very clear that the most economical way was to completely redevelop the site with two languages in mind from the get-go.

When we received the approval the client added many more specs to the project, so instead of just a rebuild it became much more a complete website project on its own. We enjoyed building it very much and think that the end result is quite beautiful!


  • Responsive
  • Dynamically generated homepage
  • Team page filterable by group, details via modal
  • Job board filterable by area and function
  • Job application system where job code is added to both front- and backend, using modal
  • Project pages with photo gallery sliders
  • Fullwidth header images
  • Bilingual English, Mandarin Chinese

Before/after screenshots: