Savont the soap holder that makes soap "float"

Project type: website renewal

Design: bespoke design

Backend: WordPress starter theme JointsWP and Elementor

Timeline: Aug-Oct 2018


The owner of Savont originally got in touch with us with the question whether it would be possible to add WPML to the WooCommerce site they put together.

The report that we prepared after our usual WPML Setup Assessment showed that it indeed would be possible to set up WPML on the site. At the same time we also showed a lot of different ways that the site could be improved.

As a requirement of the client was to use a page builder plugin, our suggestion was to move away from the Visual Composer plugin that was used to put together the site. The main reason was that this plugin makes the content of the site incomprehensible upon plugin failure, which can have disastrous consequences for a site's SEO. We do not support this type of lock-in and will always suggest alternatives to our clients.

We went ahead building a bespoke theme based on JointsWP with the Elementor page builder plugin integrated. During the redevelopment of the site, the client decided that instead of direct selling to customers the business model made more sense to exclusively use a distributors network to market the product. We implemented the changes accordingly and cleaned up the database as well, so there were no leftovers of old plugins.

As from any modern website can be expected, the new Savont website is fully responsive, which means that it can be visited from any type of device and the site is fully optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The live site has 3 languages; the default language is German and English and French are the secondary languages. Currently Spanish and Italian are being added in the backend and the site is ready to have more languages added to it in the future, so that client can make his global aspirations become a reality!