San Francisco Health Plan

Project type: new website

Design: bespoke design via client

Backend: Underscores starter theme & Foundation 4

Timeline: 2 weeks, delivery October 2013

The design of the homepage was a fun challenge to get right, especially for all the different languages.

When we started the project there were only 3 languages: English, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. Later on this was expanded on by adding Vietnamese and Tagalog.

The site uses what we like to call double top navigation of which one contains a mega menu. In between the navigation menus there is a News Ticker, that can be clicked away by the visitor.

Throughout the site the pages use different full width header images. It has become a large website with more than 200 pages per language, which is excluding all other custom content.

A year later the client wanted a special map showing all clinics in San Francisco. Although a year earlier we already built something similar for the Healthy San Francisco project, we decided to do it differently this time.
The end result is a very sleek map which can be filtered on postal code as well as on clinic name.