Sri Ramana Maharshi

He awakened mankind to the immense spiritual power of the holy Arunachala Hill

For this client we have been doing both WPML and WordPress Consulting on a several occasions during the past few weeks.

The site didn't have any huge issues, but instead all kinds of little things that had to do with hosting environment, memory usage, theme, plugins, deprecated code, etc.

Making a site work properly for a handful of languages is one thing, wanting to serve content in no less than 14 different languages can become quite challenging and certainly also for the host. We assisted in changing to a more suitable host and managed to remove many plugins in the process.

That has allowed us to tweak settings here and there and get everything to "play nice" with each other.

Now the site is back on track and the client can continue adding content in the different languages to make it possible for many, many people to learn about Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings.