Te Selle

Family History Project

Project type: website renewal

Design: bespoke design

Backend: WordPress starter theme JointsWP

Timeline: April-May 2018


Five years after developing the inital website for the Te Selle Family History Project, the client hired us again for the site renewal.

Related project: initial development.

The main reasons for the renewal were that in 2013 it was decided that mobile was not a real necessity for the site, but as it turned out, a responsive version of the site was of course needed desperately, if only to accommodate for visits from tablets.

Also what was a real challenge to get working correctly back in 2013 was post type relationships. In current times this is much easier to accomplish, so we suggested to do a complete makeover of the backend.

And by doing so, we could also improve on the workflow of content input for the client and remove and/or change functionality that was done for the initial version.

It was great to work on this project again and the client is very happy with the end result, which of course is most important!