Banknote and Coin Counters

As with many other WPML-related projects, our work with Zzap also started with the WPML Assessment. The main reason the client approached us was that WPML and Advanced Custom Fields were not working on the site. And if possible he wanted us to assist him with setting up advanced shipping options for countries other than the default UK and to showing different currencies.

Our WPML Sneak Peek brought to light that the reason WPML didn't seem to work on the site was because the theme had not been internationalised. Instead almost everything was hard-coded, product category IDs, internal links, product IDs and names, page IDs and names, etc. To top it off, many pages were also fully hard-coded with text, images and everything.

As official and qualified WPML Contractor we have seen a lot of things in the past 7 years, but there still are things that are new for us too...

We first set out to internationalise the theme, which basically meant that we had to re-code it and add a big amount of custom meta data for all the previously hard-coded variables.

It also turned out that the client was not so much interested in having different languages on the site, but was much more focused on running the site for different countries. Another requirement was to use different images per language. Understandably a Banknote Counter in the UK should show counting British Pounds, for the USA it needs to show counting US Dollars and in the Eurozone the notes need to be Euros.

The number of languages (countries) was a new record for us: 23 different countries with a total of 25 languages!

After a month of hard work we managed to deliver the project on time, complete with complex shipping options for all the different countries the site sells its products to, a country switcher, selected currencies per country and a theme that is now suitable to serve content in many different languages for many different countries.

We wish our client good luck with the massive translation job ahead!