Multilingual with WPML or Polylang

Within the Multilingual category we are addressing all issues that have to do with the implementation of WPML or Polylang on your website. We usually work with Assessments which has proven to be an effective method to quickly get to the source of the problem and get back to you with an accurate estimate to solve the issue(s).

We were one of the first official WPML Contractors and have gathered an enormous amount of experience throughout the years, fixing multilingual related issues on websites of hundreds of different clients; you can trust you are in good hands with us!


Ever since Automattic bought WooCommerce this plugin is here to stay and every website owner that wants to start an online shop will definitely have a look at it.

BHI offers deep customizations that enhances the shopping experience of your site visitors.

WordPress Consultation

One area where we can help you with is very broadly called WordPress Consultation.

Of course Consultation is pretty vague, so please let us explain.

With WordPress Consultation we mean everything that is related to both advice and ad-hoc coding of your WordPress website and is not directly related to WPML, Polylang or WooCommerce.

Website Projects

Last but not least we of course also do full Website Projects.

Because the economic life of a website basically is 3-5 years, most of these projects are actually redevelopment of existing websites.