Website Care Plan

Just like people take care of their cars, their houses and their own health, it is of utmost importance to also take care of your WordPress website.

Throughout the year the WordPress software is updated and new features and patches are released for the plugins installed on your website.

It is best to do these updates as they come out instead of postponing them. But at the same time it is important to check what the patch addresses exactly and whether the changes will effect your website. As you can imagine this can become quite cumbersome to deal with yourself; especially when taking into account that it can happen that something breaks...

As we work with WordPress each and every day we know exactly what is going on and are therefore well-informed at all times. We also run several development environments that we use to test things out, in case we are not sure whether an update is completely bug free.

For our clients we have been offering the Website Care Plan for many years already, and now we are expanding our services to the rest of the world. Well the people with WordPress websites that is.

Plans & Rates

Let us take care of your WordPress website to keep it safe and up to date.

With the Website Care Plan of BHI Localization for Websites you can rest assured that we will take care of:

  • round the clock monitoring for hacks and other undesired traffic to make sure your website is safe
  • constant monitoring of the uptime of the server your website is hosted on, so as soon as there is a problem, we will know it and work to fix it
  • full backups of the entire website, which means all the data contained in the database, all the photos and other images that have been uploaded to the site and of course also all the WordPress core files, the theme and the plugins
  • content updates whether it be existing or new such as pages, articles, services, forms, etc.
  • dedicated monthly time available to take care of simple tasks on your behalf
  • reduced rates for our consulting services as well as development for if you are thinking of adding functionality to the website
  • support via email, chat and phone, whichever works for you

You will be happy to know that we keep our backups safe on a number of different on- and offline locations and we always keep a minimum of 2 previous instances.

Please find below our 4 different packages, so you can choose which plan is the best fit for your website.

All prices are in Euros and per website per month, excl. VAT. All plans are per year and we accept quarterly or yearly advance payments. For yearly payments of new contracts we are happy to give one month free of charge.

Feature Base
€ 40 / mth
€ 55 / mth
€ 75 / mth
€ 120 / mth
security monitoring 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
uptime monitoring 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Files backup (example: images) monthly weekly daily daily
Database backup monthly weekly daily every 6hrs
WP software updates monthly weekly daily daily
Plugins updates monthly weekly daily daily
Content / development updates 2 hrs / mth 4 hrs / mth
Reduced rate consulting
Reduced rate development
Independent staging server
Site Optimisation (speed)
SEO Tips and Advice
Priority email support
Chat support
Call support
Priority call support
Suitable for small sites with little traffic sites that need to be maintained, but with few updates or new development sites with min. 10 pages and regular traffic as well as small ecommerce sites more complex sites with high traffic and regular content and/or functionality updates

Please read the Website Care Plan Terms & Conditions

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