Website Projects

Website Projects can roughly be divided into 2 parts.

1) New Website: for if your company never had a website before or when you’re starting a new company which needs an online identity.

2) Website Renewal: existing website that need changing. Although often combined, these changes are in 2 areas:

2a) Frontend: you have an existing website that needs a new “lick of paint”.

2b) Backend: you have an existing website and you would like to add certain functionality.

BHI Consulting for Websites does all of the development work for clients in our own Sandbox, so your current website can remain live for the duration of the development.

Please have a look below for more information about all three.

New website

Different people have different reasons to want a website.

Some people want to be found online. A website indeed can help with that, but that online presence alone, is not enough. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will be needed here too and that is only the tip of the iceberg!

Some people want a website to show-case their work. A website is a good start, but basically the site then needs an integrated online portfolio.

Yet others want a website to sell products online. Most likely those people are looking into ways to increase their turnover by adding an online channel. But creating a web-shop is much more than simply adding products to a website. How about accepting online payments? Is your current company structure already set up to accept all different credit cards? How about shipping? And how are you going to handle the security?

The only question we can therefore answer with a simple YES is whether we can help you with your new website. How we will do that and what we exactly can do for you all depends on the reasons why and what you would like to accomplish with your new site.

We would like to invite you to explain to us what it is you're looking for.

New Website

If you rather talk with us about it, you can schedule a call with us. We will discount you the cost of the call once you hire us to build the website project for you.

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Renewal frontend

Some people are surprised to hear that a website should be renewed on a regular basis. But it actually is a very good idea to do that, even if only for the aesthetics.

Just like you change your car, your wardrobe and even your interior design, your website can also change to give it a fresh new look.

Of course if your logo and/or house-style change, then you want your website to reflect that, but even without those changing, it is perfectly normal that your current taste is not the same as it was 3-5 years ago!

Your website is just another part of what people have come to judge your company by and by changing the looks of it on a regular basis, you are sending a clear message to your existing and potential customers that you care about these things.

If you feel that your current website can indeed be improved, but you're not entirely sure, then we can offer you a FREE Mini Assessment, without any obligations.

And if you already know that you want to change how your site looks, then please share your ideas with us, so we can assist with rebuilding your website.

Frontend renewal

Renewal backend

The other form of website renewal is related to the backend of your website, and with that we mean the functionality.

This can be anything really, so let us give you a few examples:

A very popular change these days is to make the website become responsive - this means to make the site suitable for viewing via a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. To try and make an existing site responsive can be quite complicated and more often than not we offer to rebuild the website instead.

Since your website was developed your business has expanded and you have now offices all across the country and perhaps across the continent or world even. Naturally your website needs to reflect the new locations and perhaps you want to include some information on the management of these offices? This calls for some custom functionality to be added to your website, which does not necessarily mean an entire website renewal, but to make it all look good some back- and frontend work will be needed.

Another good example is that you have decided that you want to start generating an online revenue stream for your business. Setting up e-commerce with WordPress nowadays is very feasible, but of course your site needs to receive quite the makeover to accommodate for that.

Whether you already have a solid idea on how you want your current website improved or not, feel free to contact us without any obligations and we will happily work together with you to improve your site.

Backend renewal

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