Ever since Automattic bought WooCommerce this plugin is here to stay and every website owner that wants to start an online shop will definitely have a look at it.

BHI Consulting offers deep WooCommerce customizations that enhances the shopping experience of your site visitors.

Over the years we have been working on many eCommerce sites of clients and offered our expertise. Many clients who approach us for WPML are also running the WooCommerce plugin.

We also do other custom work with WooCommerce, for example for custom layouts or coming up with an ordering flow that differs from the default one.

WooCommerce is not for every site the perfect solution. At BHI Consulting we pride ourselves in selecting what is best for the requirements of our clients. Sometimes that can be a different eCommerce package, other times it can be a bespoke coded solution.

We are happy to discuss with you what are the best options for your scenario, so you can focus on the actual selling of the products while we take care of the customizations.

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