It is easy to say about ourselves that we do awesome work and give great service!

We do, but perhaps it is better that you read the recommendations of our clients for yourself.

What do they say about BHI:

Victoria Klingenstierna

Victoria Klingenstierna

WEATHERGOODS - Malmö, Sweden

I first contacted Piet of BHI Consulting for Websites after a WPML migration gone wrong. After his first assessment, I quickly realized there was a lot more wrong with our website than just this WPML Migration.

We had a product launch looming, and all our monthly goals depended on the website being at its best, so we let Piet fix as much as he could and hoped that he would be able to meet out expectations.

Not only did Piet overdeliver on all our expectations, fixing the WPML issue and all other website problems. He also exceeded our expectations with our time deadline and worked nights/ weekend and got the work done before our deadline so that we where able to launch our product in time.

Piet updated and educated me on the work he was doing and was extremely professional in both his communication and the solutions he offered. He followed up by sharing lots of information, helping me to understand how to work with best practices on the website in the future.

Working with Piet was a great experience and I would definitely recommend you hire Piet and BHI Consulting for any WP and WPML work!



Hete Sambal - Utrecht, The Netherlands

BHI Consulting for Websites built a great site for me conform my wishes and beyond them.

They understood what I needed better than I did. Always explaining to me patiently why something should be different than my original solution.

They provide excellent Website Care and are always quick to respond to any problems I encountered, not minding to work late hours.

I would gladly like to recommend BHI Consulting for Websites, as they have proven to be true professionals.

John Craig

John Craig

Wogen Resources Ltd. - London, United Kingdom

Our new website has already elicited more contact from external people in the last few weeks than our previous website was able to achieve in years.

Simply put – I think it is great and a brilliant advancement on our existing site while retaining a difference to the run-of-the-mill websites that we have been looking at. Well done to all.

I have also been able to make numerous changes and updates which is fairly straightforward using the online, backend-integrated site-manual which has made the use of WordPress very easy. I have even been able to change the address of one of our office including making the necessary changes to the maps which I am very pleased with.

All in all this has been a very good experience for Wogen and thank you for all of your support in delivering a great new medium for portraying our company to the outside world.

Nick Stroeger

Nick Stroeger

Odense, Denmark

I initially approached Piet because I experienced troubles with the integration of WPML to my website. I quickly found out that there were many other issues I wasn’t even aware of that needed to be dealt with.

Not only did Piet tell me everything about it – so that I could understand what was actually going on – he also managed to solve the issues in incredibly elegant ways. Although I had many questions on top of that, Piet did not hesitate to answer them patiently at all times.

If you hire Piet, you can be sure that your questions will receive the best possible answer and you will feel that your wishes are respected and highly valued at all times. It is a customer experience that you definitely won’t just find anywhere else.

Piet is the true definition of a professional and anyone experiencing troubles with either WPML or WordPress should only ask themselves, whether they are serious about their WordPress project/website or not.

If you want qualitative results, you better hire Piet as long as you have the opportunity to do so. Once you see the results of his work for yourself, you will without a doubt be extremely glad you hired him.

I highly recommend the services of BHI Consulting!

Frank Welsch-Lehmann

Frank Welsch-Lehmann

Welsch-Lehmann Consulting - Kronberg, Germany

From what I can see now I am pretty happy with what we achieved.

Thank you for your great work and even more for your patience with me.

In the future I would like to come back with open questions regarding “How-to” and best practice for future extensions to the site.

Hope you will again accept our business.

Charles Jahnke

Charles Jahnke

US-China Realty Alliance - Beijing, China

We appreciate the work that you did to solve the WPML problem on our website.

You stayed with it, were responsive and professional.

We know that we can trust you with our website work.

Chris Laurent

Chris Laurent

Mani D. Bädle - Zürich, Switzerland

I recently hired Piet to help me with a WPML implementation on my website OperationCheesestorm.com, a multilingual companion website to a book.

Piet quickly demonstrated his expertise and the implementation was completed in one day, on target, and on budget.

Aside from the results, his level of dedication astounded the most as he worked well into the night to make this happen.

I would hire Piet any time and I recommend anyone do just the same!

Alice P.

Baliberty - Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

I’m still novice on WordPress and I was trying to set up the WPML plugin on my site including the WordPress SEO (Yoast) plugin.

Afraid to make mistakes, I was looking for somebody able to understand my requests & goal and to simply help me quickly.

Piet was THE solution.

He was fully available for each of my emails, truly efficient in all his advices.

Furthermore, he gave me other tips so that today I feel much more confident for the next step!

After only 2 days I can now start the translations because I got the basics right!

Pia Lombard

Pia Lombard

Ipar Hego - London, United Kingdom

He was very proactive and managed to fix everything very quickly.

What I very much appreciated was the fact that he didn’t only solved the problems on the site but also showed me how to correct these for future.

I would recommend Piet for any WP or WPML related work.

Pablo Rueda Moltó

Pablo Rueda Moltó

Beijing, China

I worked closely with Piet for 6 months in Eggplant Digital, have suffered, learned and enjoyed his passion for development in WordPress.

Just the best I know.

Not only because of his extraordinary knowledge of WordPress, but because he always puts customer benefits before his own, proposes solutions and other ways that make every project he works on grow.

Eve Smith Bernstein

OL Sites - New York, USA

Piet did a fantastic job helping me get over 40 related websites online.

He installed the TwentyEleven theme, then created a child theme and a master database for them.

He was professional and patient in answering all my questions throughout the process.

His work was efficient, precise, and his rates are reasonable.

Piet is the best developer I have worked with and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

I am happy to highly recommend him.

Thank you Piet, you did a great job!

Thinium Vaidyanathan

Thinium Vaidyanathan

Linknygroup - Greater NYC area, USA

We manage a large multilingual static website based on WordPress. As we added more languages we ran into serious performance issues. It was a stroke of good luck that we came to know of Piet Bos of SO WP after a futile search for help in Elance, Tweaky and other places.

Finally we found a professional who is truly an expert in WPML issues.

He gives an honest appraisal of the work and is capable of solving tricky issues.

The great thing about him is that he will not take up a project that he is not comfortable with.

His charges appear a little above market but when you consider how much he is able to accomplish in one hour they end up being very reasonable.

I would strongly recommend him for those seeking competent help in WordPress themes with WPML plugin.

Torkel S Wächter

Torkel S Wächter

onthisday80yearsago.com - Stockholm, Sweden

I first contacted Piet Bos of BHI on a Thursday after what I feared was a “total meltdown” of the site.

Piet is not only a WPML-magician and a hacker superstar, he is also very reliable and did not mind working around the clock over the weekend, in order to get the site ready to meet journalists.

By Sunday the job was done and everything was working at the press release on Monday. As the go-live date approached some more issues appeared and Piet then spent the night before the go-live on January 30th, doing the final adjustments.

It is with great pleasure I recommend Piet, he is very responsible and does not promise things he is not certain that he can deliver, he gives reliable time estimates and most important: gets the work done.

Sean Elkin

Searchlight Interactive - Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

Thank you not only for simply helping me,

… but helping me in a time of great pressure and duress and fitting me in to your life unscheduled.

Kathy A

Chwilio - Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Piet. You are an angel!

Many, many thanks for your hard work and for resolving the issues so professionally.

Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Studio Tenenbaum - Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Paris, France

I’ve hired Piet, from BHI, for his expertise for setting my website in French using the powerful-but-not-always-easy plugin WPML.

I found BHI on the WPML website and did not know what to expect. After his first email I understood that Piet is definitely an expert in this field: he solved all my problems one by one and made my site perfectly bilingual, making it completely accessible for my French audience.

However results are not his only quality: first of all, Piet worked in record times, and never took more than 24 hours to complete any task. This was brilliant because thanks to him WPML did not slow my agenda for releasing the website on time.

Secondly, Piet has always taken the time to explain things to me in a very simple way, several times if needed. I found it extremely nice since WPML can be quite difficult in its current version.

Last but not least, Piet has fixed extra-details without billing me, just because he wanted me to have a perfectly running website.

I would definitely recommend Piet to anybody who needs great results with WPML in a record time, I personally now trust him 100% and will not hesitate to hire him in the future.

Mark Lennox

Mark Lennox

OnlyMarketingJobs - London, United Kingdom

Piet (of BHI) is without doubt the finest web developer I have had the pleasure to work with.

Not only is his technical prowess second to none, his willingness to go the extra mile and really come through for a client is apparent at every stage throughout the service.

If you have the opportunity to secure Piet’s services, I’d grab it with both hands, he’s excellent.

Stella-Désirée Bosch

Stella-Désirée Bosch

Sreyka Smile Association - Paris, France

I have been most content with Piet’s expertise and I recommend him to anyone who has WPML issues.

I had been trying to figure out mine for over one month, and this kept me up numerous nights.

Then I contacted BHI and in 4 hours Piet did not only solve the issues I contacted him for, but also all the other little issues he noticed my WordPress had.

He masters WP, and his expertise is really worth every penny you pay him.

Rosemary Papetti

Rosemary Papetti

Solauro Industries Inc. - South Lake Tahoe, Colorado, USA

Just wanted to say that we are VERY impressed with the work that one of your certified partners did for us to customize our private WP site for English/French! BHI (Piet Bos) was absolutely more than we could have asked for!

We had been looking (with increasing desperation) for some help in doing this & found the WPML software and a referral from your site.
Piet responded to us in the evening of our request on a Friday night and by morning we had a functioning bilingual site using the WPML plugin!!!

In addition, he provided extremely clear concise instructions and was one of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Calm, professional and very good at what he does, we look forward to hiring him for future projects.

Of your recommended partners, he was the only one who used the WPML plugin which clearly made him our first choice – good marketing practice! Anyways, thank you so much for providing us with access to someone so competent, creative and wonderful.

Dave Duggan

Dave Duggan

Sacramento, California, USA

Piet has lead me to a significantly higher level of understanding of WordPress.

Piet has been extremely helpful to me in learning about CSS and PHP for updating the graphical layout of my WordPress ver 3.2.1 website.

Piet is very knowledgeable (expert) regarding WordPress.

I highly recommend Piet if you need help customizing your WordPress website or blog.

Piet was also very pleasant to work with.