The community around WordPress – on forums and special interest groups such as LinkedIn and WordPress Answers – is amazing and a great source of information and support. Most of this support is given free of charge in people’s free time and is of course much appreciated by everyone.

I have grown with WordPress and have learned many things that before I didn’t even know were possible. As you can imagine I keep a long list of bookmarks to various sites where I have found useful tips, hacks, workarounds and whatnot.

But it is always a pain to find stuff back in your bookmarks; that is why I decided to dedicate a website to the most generally useful WordPress Tips; WP TIPS was born!

At first WP TIPS had its own domain, but I have since integrated the lot and moved it under the domain I also use for BHI Consulting for Websites.

Some of the WP TIPS I post on this website may already be familiar to you, others may not yet be and perhaps you even have better WP TIPS that you would like to share!

I hope you enjoy the WP TIPS website!