Placeholder Images with lorempixel

lorempixel image

Whether you’re developing generic themes or sites for clients that haven’t given you their images yet, the site lorempixel is the place for “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” images.

You have several options, such as greyscale or color, size of the image you need, categories and more.

UPDATE January 10, 2013:
Lee Rickler just released the plugin WPLoremPix that pulls in random placeholder images based on lorempixel. It can be used in any page, post or text widget, for the latter you don’t even need to enable shortcodes for widgets as that already has been triggered from within the plugin.

No Login plugin by Ozh

WP Beginner just did a post with a new plugin by Ozh that will always check the Remember Me box in the WordPress login screen. After clicking through to the WordPress Repository I found a much more interesting (for me) plugin also by Ozh: the No Login plugin by Ozh.

Skip the login form: every visitor automatically auths as an admin. FOR ‘LOCALHOST’ TEST SITES only, obviously, like when designing a plugin or a theme and testing it across various browsers.

As I have quite a few local sites, this plugin will definitely help me to skip the login screens and go straight to work!