ClassicPress Beta, nulled software, Double 11 and the new WP editor

ClassicPress Beta, nulled software, Double 11 and the new WP editor

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Today I am proud announce the release of ClassicPress Beta. We have come a long way since the beginning end of August and also since the Alpha1 version was released. Some of the major changes since that Alpha version include:

  • Enable ClassicPress automatic updates
  • Work towards serving translations from ClassicPress infrastructure
  • Remove old code for compatibility with PHP 5.5 and lower
  • Remove/modify more WordPress-specific wording and admin dashboard content
  • Use the new ClassicPress logo and “business-focused CMS” branding
  • Keep all build dependencies up to date using the Renovate bot
  • Miscellaneous other fixes and development process improvements

I would like to invite you to download the ClassicPress Beta and run it on a test site you have, or be daring and run it on a production site like here at WP TIPS (at your own risk of course!).

Tareq Hasan wrote a post about what happened after he installed a nulled theme. The article is a good reminder why you should only download and use software from reliable sources, but everyone of course knows that already ;)

Double 11 is an invention of Alibaba and this year was its 10th year Anniversary. Walkthechat has released an article with all the numbers for anyone interested in seeing what can happen if ecommerce is done right.

I have been largely ignoring the new editor “experience” that is coming with the next version of WordPress for mainly 2 reasons:

  1. release dates are a moving target
  2. we are one hundred percent against this monstrosity and how it is shoved down our throats

re 1. Early December last year during WordCamp US it was announced that WP 5.0 would drop at the end of the first quarter of 2018, then it became April, then August, then November 19, then November 27 and to be honest we see it becoming January 2019. So although I have been fully aware that eventually WP 5.0 is going to be released, worrying about the exact date would have given a year-long stress-factor, which is ridiculous!

re 2. Absolutely not any one of the sites I have developed for any of my clients is suitable for the new editor. Neither my clients nor I have the resources to simply change websites because WP dictates that, we also lack the resources to do training on how to work with this editor and my clients simply want a working website instead of being 3-year olds that play with blocks! Isn’t the whole point of hiring a developer to build the company website, so the business owner can focus on actual work?

Anyways, before this turns into a rant, I would like to suggest to read Implications Of Thinking In Blocks Instead Of Blobs on Smashing Magazine that explains what the new editor is and why it is not suitable at all for 99% of the sites currently built on WP.