First entry in “This week in links”

First entry in “This week in links”

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Yes, I know, it has been too long (again) since the last time I found something worthy to write about. So I have decided to change that (and push myself to write something) by adding a few links to articles I find newsworthy.

I am not pretending to be exclusive and I certainly don’t intend to become an echo-board for WP Tavern like some of the weeklies out there. Either way it is entirely possible that you have read some of these elsewhere already.

Anyways, without too much fanfare, here we go for this week:

A good tip via MasterWP to an article that talks about WordPress Image Sizes.
Especially the all-in-one crap themes that you can find on Themeforest line up a whole battery of image sizes that your theme “cannot do without”. You can find the full article by Dumitru Brinzan here.

ClassicPress, you know, the hard fork of WordPress that has announced itself to be the business-focused CMS, is aiming to release a careful alpha version before the end of October! Follow the progress via Github and/or join the conversation via Slack (I hear the community team needs volunteers).

After the Accessibility team lead Rian Rietveld walking out last week, Automattic (read: Matt Mullenweg) can’t be bothered with an independent accessibility audit of their new editor, which basically is a big FU to the entire community that is not fully abled.

If you, unlike Matt, actually give a shit about accessibility, then this cheatsheet might come in handy (via Codrops).

Github has released a workflow automation tool, called Actions. With Actions developers can set up the workflow to build, package, release, update and deploy their code without having to run the code themselves. It is in limited public beta for now, check it out if you can.

If you’re interested to read something that sort of explains what a canonical URL is and what it can be used for, then this post is for you.