Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all WP TIPS readers and other site visitors! I am very much looking forward for 2019 to be another exciting year!

A site I frequent a lot, Codrops, has published a list with all resources from last year. There are heaps of tutorials and demos all in one place. Worth a bookmark I think.

So yes, we all use hexadecimals (HEX) codes to code the colors of our websites, but I bet you have never taken the time to actually learn this! Don’t worry, me neither. But David Desandro is a fellow that actually learned how to read color HEX codes. In his extensive post, you can learn all about it and also the reason why!

On sites where the blog has an important role and where there are multiple authors it can be a good idea to add some information about the writer of each article. That information can then be displayed at the top or bottom of each post, and it can also be used on the author archives. For this to work, you need to use the get_the_author_meta() function and over at WP Shout they have a good tutorial on how to display the different data of the author profile.

We came across an excellent post by Kinsta that deals with a multitude of scenarios (and solutions) on what to do when you lose access to the backend of your WordPress website. I would bookmark this one, because sooner or later this will come in handy!

I’m sure you have heard of Local by Flywheel? They have published an informative article/tutorial on how to set up your local WordPress Development environment. Could be a good start of the New Year to make that in order!