Some more weekly links

Some more weekly links

photo found on Unsplash

Autumn (winter) has arrived in our part of the world with almost continuous rain showers hence this week’s featured image :)

Let’s kick it off:

The title of an article on Torque about “how to use an RSS feed in 5 different ways” looked promising, but unfortunately is hardly worth the read.

At BHI Consulting for Websites we use the RSS feed of this website in combination with our own Dashboard Feed Widget plugin to keep our clients up to date about important news. It is a way to communicate with clients (indirectly of course) from within their website’s Dashboard and it is our experience that it works really well.

I had never heard about Continuous Integration until I started working on the ClassicPress project that last week released its first alpha one version codenamed “Sunrise”.

So this week’s article on CSS Tricks on the What Why and How of CI comes at the right time!

A long article on Smashing Magazine might be worth your time if you’re interested in working with the REST API. The article goes over both the pros and cons of creating a site with it.

Choosing the right font for your brand is much more important than what most people think when browsing through the seemingly endless possibilities their off-the-shelf themes include (read: Google Fonts). Learn how to make a more informed choice with the help of this article.

Infinite Scrolling seems to be causing stress to your website visitors, talking of a turn-off! Read the article that explains the causes.

And that’s a wrap for this week! Happy Halloween for those of you that celebrate it!