From thin content to marketing channels and a new way to login without a password

Keep away from thin content is an article that explains the meaning of the word and the reasons why you should avoid it.

Most likely all Posts in the This week in links-category will be considered rather thin, so instead of waiting to be penalised a much better idea is to tell search engines up front not to index it in the first place. If you’re interested to learn more ways to hide content from search engines, you can read this article on WP Explorer.

If you’re a Mac user and you use Git as well, you might be interested in this article Tom McFarlin posted about upgrading Git to work on the latest version of macOS called Mojave.

Then we found an interesting article by Alex Denning on marketing channels and what they can do for your business.

And there is a new plugin called Byepass that makes it possible to log in to your WP site without a password. That sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Visit the Byepass website for more info. I tested it on some sites and although it looks great on paper I think it can use a bit more development to become really useful.