How to Disable Gutenberg

How to Disable Gutenberg

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Update: we have improved this function and officially released it as a plugin, aptly named: Classic Editor Addon.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, by now you will have heard about the new editor called Gutenberg.

What started as a new editor to replace the current TinyMCE editor, which supposedly is not good enough (anymore), has turned into a blocks galore.

The new editor was originally scheduled for release in April this year, but has seen some delays and is now scheduled for somewhere in the second half of 2018.

Unlike most “features” introduced into WP Core, the Gutenberg Editor will be shoved down people’s throats, whether they like it or not. There won’t be any option to turn it off either, but for that the Core team has come with a plugin, the Classic Editor.

However, a huge shortcoming of that plugin is that the user will still need to uncheck a box (under Settings > Writing) to have it do what it says on the label: bring back the classic editing experience.

Therefore we have come with a snippet that is aptly named Classic Editor Addon. This addon already unchecks the box to replace the editor. It also removes the links to the Plugin Settings on the main Plugins page and it hides the Settings from the Writing settings. The snippet has been improved on by Greg Schoppe who added a function that surpresses the nag screen and he optimised the plugin so that it will no longer read or update a setting from the database on every page load.

The snippet grew into a plugin that now already has more than 4,000 active installs! Download the Classic Editor Addon now!

Will you enable or disable Gutenberg?