Lean WP released to make WordPress Lean and Clean again

Lean WP released to make WordPress Lean and Clean again

Last week SO WP released the Lean WP plugin.

The plugin is targeted at developers who build sites for SME’s mostly using custom themes and its aim is to make WordPress lean and clean again.

It [The core of WordPress] is designed to be lean and fast and will always stay that way.

WordPress.org Philosophy page

We all know that for a long time already WordPress Core is anything but lean with the additions of all kinds of useless crap that brings WordPress back to the ages of blogging only instead of moving forward to (finally) morphing into a proper CMS.

The plugin removes a long list of unwanted and not needed stuff in both backend and frontend. Think of Emojis, the Customizer, WP version number, the irritable “Howdy” and much, much more. All features have been added (including screenshots) to the extensive documentation that comes with the plugin.

Therefore we highly recommend developers to install Lean WP on the custom themes they develop for their clients, to ensure that those clients have a clean and lean backend experience.

Will you use Lean WP on the site(s) of your client(s)?