WordPress 3.9 is here! Are your plugins ready?

Are your plugins ready?

A little follow up to the post I wrote yesterday, just now I received a personal email from WordPress.org that asked me whether my plugins are ready for WordPress 3.9. As a matter of fact the new version is going to be released today!

For me it’s now already Thursday, April 17 and way past bedtime, so probably when my morning comes it has been released and I can start updating sites!
For me it’s now already Thursday, April 17 and way past bedtime, but right after publishing this post I already saw the upgrade notice, so here we are WP TIPS is running 3.9 Jimmy Smith!
Great introduction video too!

This is the first time I’m receiving this kind of email and I appreciate it very much!

The email shows a list of the plugins you have and what the current “tested up to” values are.

It then continues to explain an easy way to adjust it. I had been releasing new versions today of a few of my plugins, turns out you only need to change the readme.txt and commit the file.

Underneath that some links to documentation and a quick explanation of the most important changes for plugin developers.

As I never before received such an email, I think it is something new and I think it is a great way to start communicating with the thousands of plugin developers! Hopefully there will be plenty who actually do the same as I have been doing before writing this post and that is to make sure that all plugins read “Tested up to: 3.9”.

Happy Updating!